October 10, 2016


Are there internet access to all the places we travel to?

Internet now is very popular in Vietnam, so you can access Internet easily in many places in Vietnam, even in the remote places. However, perhaps you can not connect with Internet when you overnight in home-stay, but it lasts in only 1 night in a few trips only.

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, if you can make sure that your bike can work well even in the hard terrain and in bad weather. And you can fix it if there is any problem on the way.

Can I store my suitcase somewhere whilst I am on the tour?

Yes, you can leave it at the hotel if you also stay in this hotel after the tour end or you can leave your luggage at our office, but remember to list all the precious things inside.

Can we choose which bike we ride?

Yes, of course, we have several kinds of bikes for you to choose such as Honda XR250, CRF250L, Kawa super sherpa 250cc… All our bikes are modified to meet the hard terrain of all the destinations we pass. Besides, you can ride on automatic scooter if you do have any experience on riding dirt-bike before. But scooter is only good for on-road or sightseeing tours.

Can you arrange accommodation for us in Hanoi?

Yes, we can arrange accommodation for our customers in Hanoi and even the other provinces in Vietnam. We have contracts with many hotels in Hanoi and the price is from US$45 for 3 star hotel.

Do I need A Local Drivers License or Permit?

Everything will be easier because in the end of 2015, International driving licence will be accepted in Vietnam. Therefore, if you have International driving licence, you do not have to convert it into Vietnamese driving one.
In Vietnam, the police rarelly stop foreigners to check licences simply because of language barrier.

Do I need to exchange currency and how much do I need ?

In fact, all the services such as guide, bike, petrol, accommodation, food are included in our tour, you have to pay just for personal expense and the other drink except mineral water. If you love shopping, you can bring more money. Normally, it depends on the tour length that we can give you the advice on how much you should bring. US dollar is just accepted in some touristy places but Vietnamese currency is accepted everywhere in Vietnam.

Do I need to know the Local Road Rules?

Road rules are not the same in many countries, so if you ride in Vietnam, you have to obey the Vietnamese Road rules.
Our guide will tell you about the necessary rules before tour starting and he is also the person who will help you to handle all risks on the way.

Do you have any training session to make new riders familiar with traffic and terrain in North of Vietnam

Yes, we have training session to any new rider to get familiar with traffic and terrain in North of Vietnam with Half-day practice sessions 50$ and Full-day practice sessions 70$

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Definitely YES, for you join adventure tours so you perhaps face up with theft, illness, loss or damage to your personal property, that may happen on the way. So you need Travel Insurance to cover all risks.

How far are the daily distances?

Normally, the distance everyday ranges from 150 to 250km. However, it depends much on the terrain, rider’s skill level, interest and health.

I hear the traffic is crazy in Vietnam. Is it safe?

Yes, traffic in Vietnam is very crazy especially in big cities like Hanoi and Saigon. It is crazy but still in order. So you just ride carefully and follow the flow of people. Luckily, in the countryside and remote places, traffic becomes much more easier because the level of traffic drops off remarkably.

I’m travelling alone, is it possible to join any existing groups?

If the existing group have the same desire, time and level with you and they agree to ride with you, you can join this group to have more fun and low down the cost.

What currency should I bring?

You should bring US dollars. When you arrive in Vietnam, you can exchange US dollars to Vietnamese dong. US dollar is quite popular in the big cities like Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Hoian, Hochiminh city…, however, in the remote region in Vietnam or not touristy places, they only use Vietnamese currency. Using Traveler cheques and credit cards for payment is also popular in big cities.

What does the quotation include and exclude in a package motorcycle tours?

The normal full package tour is included and excluded as below:
– Bikes, spare parts and all fuel;
– English speaking guide with his bike: He can help you repair/Translator/Mechanic (He’s three in one!);
– Vietnam Visa Approval Letter;
– Accommodation: standard hotels or home-stay in the local house;
– Meal: As mentioned in itinerary;
– Third party motorbike insurance;
– All food (Vietnamese food, Western food costs extra);
– All entrance fees, permits, tickets, boat trips, ferries, bamboo rafts, etc;
– Vietnamese tea, mineral water.
– Vietnam Dirtbike Travel team provides support. We are with you along the way;

Not including:
– Airport transfer;
– Chased pick-up truck Mitsubishi Triton which will follow you all trip and carry all of your luggage, wet gears, spare parts, etc
– Personal expenses, personal medical insurance;
– Drinks other than tea and local rice wine;
– Motorbike protection pants, armor, jacket, boots;
– Train or flight tickets before and after your tour;
– Breakfast on the departure day and dinner on the return day;
– Accommodation and food in Hanoi;
– Tips.
However, depend on the special requests of our customers, the inclusion and exclusion may have a little bit change. Therefore, we always provide our customers the itinerary together with the specific inclusion and exclusion.

What happen if it rain?

The tour is still organized although it rains. Many customers even love to ride in the rain because to them, it makes the tour more fun and the road become more challenge. The tour is only cancelled in case of very bad weather that leads to flood or land-slice that create danger to all riders.

What if I can’t ride a dirt-bike?

We provide training session to any rider who have not ridden dirt-bike before. But if you still can not ride dirt-bike after the training, you can ride scooter instead or travel as a laid-back traveler.

What is the best way to carry my stuff?

If you do not book chase pick-up truck to follow you and carry your luggage, you should bring the medium-size waterproof bag to protect your things from the rain. Please bring only necessary things, no need to bring too many clothes because every place you overnight has cheap laundry service.

What shall I bring on the trip?

You should bring:
– International driving licence (not compulsory);
– Travel insurance;
– Protection gears: Full-face helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloves, body armour, boots, motorcycle jacket and pants.
– Rain jacket and pants;
– Balaclava: help you warm in winter;
– Water-proof bag;
– Other personal necessary things.

When are your tours?

We organize dirt-bike tours all year round. However, for off-road riding tour, the best time to do is in dry season from late September to May. In rainy season, it is easy to occur flood and land-slice, so very dangerous.

Where and what will we be eating?

Unless you tell us your special request on food, you will eat Vietnamese food during the tour. Do not worry, Vietnam is famous for its cuisine. You will eat at small Vietnamese restaurants on the way. And the food is even much more delicious at the home-stay of the local people.

Where will I be staying?

Most of the places in our tour program you will stay in standard hotels, and even 3 star hotels in some touristy places such as Sapa, Lang Son, or provinces in the Middle and the South of Vietnam. However, in some remote places in the North where hotel service is unavailable, you will overnight in home-stay with local people. We will be welcome by very friendly hosts and enjoy many delicious dishes cooked by the local. Sure, home-stay is always a highlight of our motorbike tour North Vietnam.

Could you tell me the price for the tour

Our Vietnam Motorbike Tours Prices are based on the group size, maximum is 6 riders/group/guide for on-road trip and 5 riders/group/guide for off-road trip. If number of participants are more than that amount, we will provide more guides or mechanic to serve riders better. And the detailed prices are as follows:

– Off-road trip (and sightseeing combined) with Honda XR250L/CRF250L:
Group of 1: US$235/day/rider
Group of 2: US$185/day/rider
Group of 3-4: US$170/day/rider
Group of 5: US$155/day/rider

– On-road trip (sightseeing only) with Honda XR250L/CRF250L:
Group of 1: US$220/day/rider
Group of 2: US$170/day/rider
Group of 3-4: US$155/day/rider
Group from 5-6 : US$135/day/rider

Added cost for upgrading to Yamaha WR250R is US$20/day/bike

In some occasions, we apply promotion programs and with tailor-made tour, the price is not the same as above, so please contact us for the best price.