Instructions for exchange international driving license in Vietnam


International Driving license allow you to ride/drive the kinds of bike based on the license in 70 countries that have joined the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. And now, you can just stay at home and apply for international driving license online with only 5 minutes, very simple procedure and cheap cost of 199,000VND.

When the whole procedure is completed, the license will be delivered to your house by The Vietnam General Department of Roads (VNGDR). The license looks like a passport of 4 pages presented in 4 languages: Chinese, Russian, English and French.

Please do as the following steps to apply for international driving license online:

Step 1: What you should prepare:

  • Scan or take a photo of your plastic card PET of your driving license with clear photo and information.
  • Scan or take a photo of your passport with full clear information.
  • Download your passport photo image file of 3×4 or 4×6 sizes.
  • Take a photo of your signature.
  • Have a bank account with internet banking service with enough money to pay for cost.
  • Have good internet access.

Step 2:

At administrative procedures: you can choose between “A fourth-level public service to issue international driving”, or “A third-level public service to change international driving licenses”.

Target users:

A third-level public service to change international driving: Apply for holders of driving licenses managed by the Road traffic departments (valid or overdue for less than 3 months).

A fourth-level public service to issue international driving: Apply for Vietnamese people, foreigners who have permanent residence card in Vietnam, with the national driving license granted by Vietnam in PET material and still valid.

  • Fill in the form with your name, date of birth, gender, nationality, ID number, where and when you ID card granted, homeland, permanent address, then, upload your photo and signature.
  • In the section of Additional information: fill in your passport number, the date of issue, place of birth, email address, phone number.
  • Your attachment files include the photo of your front of driving license in PET material and the photo of your passport.
  • Click on “Continue” to go to the next page: You fill in your address so that the driving license will be delivered to the address you provided.
  • Go to last page for online payment: The total amount of money you have to pay is 199,000VND, in which: 135,000VND is for the making cost and 61,000VND for delivery

After payment successfully, an SMS will be sent to your phone to provide your profile code. You can use this code to check online your profile approval process. It takes 5 working days for approval and issue the International driving license, and 3 to 6 days for delivery. Therefore, after successful registration, you just stay at home and get the license after 10 days.

If you join our Vietnam Motorbike Tours, driving/riding license is not requested but it’s great to get one for safe and more security.