October 17, 2016

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions listed below is an inseparable part of the contract between Insight Viet Travel ( called ADV Motorcycle Tours and Dirtbike Travel or ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours or company in this page as well) and our customers. When you want to join our tours, you have to accept all the terms and conditions as below:

  1. Booking

    – Booking is only made after we receive your amount of deposit up to 30% of total price and send you the email confirmation to confirm your reservation. The remaining must be paid at office of ADV Motorcycle Tours or at your hotel in Hanoi before the start date of the tour.
    – ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours has a right to charge customers management fee for any late booking. The fee is from 5% to 20% of the total price.

  2.  Cancellation

    ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours and Dirtbike Travel should receive the cancellation notice at least 30 days before the start date of the tour. All cancellation notification must be informed in writing and have to be acknowledged by the company via fax or email. The cancellation will take effect from the day we receive the notification. And cancellation charges will be:
    – If the company receives cancellation notification from 30 to 45 days before the tour departure date, deposit is forfeited.
    – If the company receives cancellation notification less than 30 days before departure date, no refund is payable.

  3. Insurance

    – If there is no agreement presented in documents, our quotation (Called Vietnam Motorbike Tours Prices or Tours Rate) for the tour is not included of medical insurance and travel insurance.
    – ADV Motorcycle Tours has no responsibility to pay any expenses for mishap caused during the tour we organize. If the tour incurs expenses related to accidents, sickness, disease of our customers, customers have to pay all expenses directly to ADV Motorcycle Tours and Dirtbike Travel.
    – It is compulsory to take out comprehensive insurance covering all risks during the tour if you want to join the ride with us. If you do not buy comprehensive insurance, we can not let you join our tours. Your insurance must be covered all risks which may occur from adventure motorcycle tours.

  4. Compensation

    For any damage cause by yourself or third party, you will be charged maximum US$300. If the damage is cost more than that, it will belong to our responsibility.
    You will be liable for the theft of the motorcycle and will be charge 70% of the price of the new motorbike quoted by the Official Dealer in Vietnam.

  5. In case of bad weather or bike damage, ADV Motorcycle Tours will base on real situation to discuss with customers about changing routs in the itineraries. The final decision will be made by ADV Motorcycle Tours and customers have to comply with this decision.
  6. ADV Motorcycle Tour reserves the right to discontinue touring with any rider who has bad influences on the tour and other riders in the group as below:
    He or she disobeys the Road Traffic Law and Regulations of ADV Motorcycle Tours
    He or she does not have good attitude and can create conflicts with other riders in the group.
  7. We are not responsible for any unforeseen delays of your flights before and after the tour whether due to the bad weather or other irresistible circumstances.
  8. You have to inform us your illness in advance so we will decide whether you can take part in our tour or not. If you do not do that, we will have no responsible for any problem happened with you during the tour.
  9. If you have any complaint, please tell us immediately, so that we will find the best solution for it. If you are not satisfied with our Vietnam motorbike tour or reckon that ADV Motorcycle Tour does not perform the trip as discussion between us before, please email us within 30 days from the tour end date. We will response as soon as possible and try to solve the problem quickly.
  10. By accepting all the regulations, the customer agrees that he or she has read and understood the terms and conditions above and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions when joining the tour organized by ADV Motorcycle Tours and Dirtbike Travel. He or she also has to confirm that he or she finds himself or herself medically fit to join the tour.