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Are you interested in extreme off-road riding, sightseeing or both?

Motorbike tour vietnam

Vietnam Motorbike Tours
Vietnam Motorcycle Tour
Vietnam Motorbike Tour
Motorcycle Tours Vietnam
Motorbike Tours Vietnam

ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel

The Pioneer of Enduro Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam

Adventure Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel provides a varied range of rides lasts from 1 to 14 days with different packages to suit any budget or time frame. Come with us, riders will be experienced the best dirt trails and single tracks that North of Vietnam has to offer, it is the real adventure.

Here are our programs of enduro motorcycle tour which have been well built based on the careful investigation and have been operating for many years by some members of Dirtbike Friends Club. These programs are great combination of off-road riding, sightseeing and unique local culture learning as well.

If all the sample Vietnam Motorbike Tours listed here are not exactly what you desire, please fill out the custom tour form at the footer of site, we will come back in 24 hours with more advice and tailor made tours.

  • North Center Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 4 Days Enduro Ride

    North Center Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 4 Days Enduro Ride

    This dirt-bike tour is a combination of sightseeing and off-road riding which gives you the best view of the mountainous North Centre of Vietnam. It will take you along Ngoi Thia river with challenging roads, you will have a really great time to be wallowed in the wilderness of the land to catch up its infinite natural scenery and staying in the village of the tribe. The mountains, the valleys and the friendly local...

    Duration: 4 days
    Distance: 760km
    Level: Intermediate
  • North East Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 8 Days Offroad Riding

    North East Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 8 Days Offroad Riding

    This motorcycle tour is a great collection of all of the most outstanding destinations in Northeast area of Vietnam. With it, ADV vietnam Motorbile Tours will bring you to the farthest, remotest, most breathtaking areas of our fascinating country. You can have a leisurely, scenic motorcycle ride and experience the "extreme" motorbike ride of a lifetime. In which, Dong Van Karst Plateau is the most...

    Duration: 8 days
    Distance: 1,230km
    Level: Intermediate
  • 11 Days Offroad Riding – North of Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

    11 Days Offroad Riding – North of Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

    Are you seeking a heaven of enduro ride? Do you wait expectantly for some amazing vietnam motorbike tours to challenge yourself? Does your riding level from intermediate to upper?
    If you say "yes" , this vietnam motorbike tour is designed SPECIALLY for YOU!
    Embarking this ride, you will carry out an unforgettable off road riding program in your whole life...

    Duration: 11 days
    Distance: 1,975km
    Level: Intermediate
  • North West Vietnam Motorcycle Tour – 8 Days Enduro Ride

    North West Vietnam Motorcycle Tour – 8 Days Enduro Ride

    This 8-9 days enduro riding tour is considered as one of the best tours that we could offer to our customers. Yes you need to be an experienced rider to ride with us on this tour. This ride is full of incredible scenery, awesome dirt-roads and windy tracks and also a great balance and combination between challenge and relaxation. Every destinations in this tour will make you surprised...

    Duration: 8-9 days
    Distance: 1,550km
    Level: Intermediate/advanced
  • Hanoi Motorbike Tour in 1 days

    Hanoi Motorbike Tour in 1 days

    This is one of the most fantastic vietnam motorbike tours specially designed for any rider from intermediate to upper level who do not have much time but the fan of offroad tour or just looking to get a taste of what Hanoi trail riding has to offer. With the total distance of 180km, you can have great time to pass the extreme steeps, cross the jungle, river and stream. This 1 day adventure tour with a lot of fun and challenges promises to bring a good memory to riders...

    Duration: 6 hours
    Distance: 180km
    Level: Intermediate
  • A Glimpse of The North West Motorcycle Off-road Tour in 3 days

    A Glimpse of The North West Motorcycle Off-road Tour in 3 days

    This is just a glimpse of Northwest of Vietnam where is not only still remained culture identity of mountainous tribe but also such a heaven for off-road riding because of its hard terrain. The remote area of Vietnam appeals to those wanting to get off the beaten track in one of Vietnam's most beautiful, unaffected and untouristed areas. If you are looking for a epic journey...

    Duration: 3 days
    Distance: 570km
    Level: Intermediate


Yamaha and Honda bikes are well-known all over the world for their strength, reliability and durability and that’s reason why ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel uses three kinds of bikes such as Yamaha WR250R, Honda CRF250L and Honda XR250L for our adventure tours.

As a experience riders, We fully realize the importance of the bike’s quality to the success of ride that’s why we equipped our Vietnam Motorbike Tours with all latest model Yamaha and Honda bikes (year 2014-2016 for Honda CRF250L and Yamaha WR250R and year 2006-2007 for Honda XR250L). Moreover, all of them are modified to suit off-road terrain of all destinations specially designed in our tour itineraries. We have changed a bigger size rear sprocket, smaller front sprocket, MX tires, redesigned signal led, increased strength of rear mono shock and fitted twin handlebars with strong hand guards for more secure. As a result, these bikes are able to conquer any terrain which is designed in rides’ program.

In addition, all of them are well-maintained to ensure that they are in top condition for the tours. To find more information about our bikes, please click here.


Insight Viet Travel Company was established in 2005 by a group of members of Dirtbike Friends Club and has since become a pioneer in professional off-road riding tour organizing in Vietnam. After years of riding together to discover every corner in Vietnam, we have expanded our company with the launching of ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel, also known as Vietnam Dirtbike Travel since 2009 with many great programes of Vietnam Motorbike Tours.  The operations and services of ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours & Dirtbike Travel are totally independent from the mother company and it is not an agent or representative of any oversea company. Besides, all members of company such as the owner, guides, drivers, mechanics are locals and also the members of Dirtbike Friends Club.

If you’re looking for a safe, fun, and absolutely adventure ride with a professional tour operator, you are in right place at ADV Vietnam Motorcycle Tours. We are the first and only tour operator in Vietnam who provide the real enduro motorcycle tours on quality dirt bikes.

To all of us, riding is our passion.


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