October 17, 2016

Deposit and Payment

After finalizing the tour itinerary, price and date, a deposit equal to 30% of total cost is required for ADV Motorcycle Tours to reserve space for you. Your booking is not confirmed until the deposit is received by ADV Motorcycle Tours and you receive a confirmation email from us.

There are 2 ways for you to make a deposit for your motorbike tour in Vietnam:


Our Bank Account Information
Account Name : Nguyen Manh Hien
US Dollar Account No: 0021370275268
Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade of Vietnam
Swift code: BFTVVNVX


To save bank transfer fee, you can transfer the deposit through Western Union as they offer competitive commission of 2-10%. This will allow the transfer to go through in minutes as they say. You should pay in your local currency and choose USD as the only currency to be paid in Vietnam. The Western Union form asks your deposit to be picked up at their agents or have them call us, please select the first option. Our details in full (You are probably not asked to give all details listed below, just fill in what they ask for. Filling in with more details means a longer telegraphic transfer message and may cost extra):
– First Name: Manh Hien
– Last Name: Nguyen (Full name should be Nguyen Manh Hien as written in Vietnamese way.)
– Reason of the transfer: Deposit for vietnam motorbike tour, (Time)
– City: Hanoi
– Country: Vietnam
– Postal code: 100,000
– Address: 58, lane 12, Luong Khanh Thien street, Hanoi, Vietnam
– Mobile: +84 904 446 608 (84 is country code, if local call 0904 446 608)
Once your wire has been completed, you will get a 10-digit MCTN (Money Transfer Control Number), please send this code and we use this number to pick up the funds from a local Western Union shortly.
If you want to find a Western Union office near you, please follow this link: http://locations.westernunion.com/?locale=en_US

Note: Customer has to pay any fee related to banking service and credit card service.

We know that PayPal is very popular in the world and millions of people use this service to send money and make an online payment because it is the very fast and safe way. However, due to system error between the bank & Paypal Vietnam happens regularly, the payment transfer sometimes cannot be performed successfully. Therefore, we do not recommend this way to our customers to make their deposit.

If you want to use credit cards to make deposit for us, we will not ensure about the security of your personal and account information. So, we also not recommend this way.

Payment in full of Vietnam motorbike tours prices must be made before you depart on tour by using Western Union service, bank transfer before you arrive in Vietnam. Or you can pay in cash or by credit card when you are in Vietnam. We will meet you the day you arrive in Hanoi at your hotel to clear more about the tour and you will do the payment on this day. However, if the day before the tour starts you arrive in the hotel too late, you will pay the balance at our company on departure day.

If it has any question or recommendation related to deposit & payment for Vietnam Motorbike Tours, feel free to drop us a line.